Data Engineer

About The Role:

We are in search of a highly motivated Data Engineer who is enthused by the prospect of creating distributed systems that can support applications that utilize cutting-edge machine learning technology. As a Data Engineer, you will be responsible for creating, developing and operating systems that effectively secure, prepare and handle data for the innovative AI solutions that X AI is constructing. At X AI, engineering is critical to achieving our mission. Our team of over 40 engineers works hand-in-hand with leading machine learning researchers to create products that will revolutionize risk applications, reduce fraud, and help millions of people manage their finances. We also have the knowledge, resources and tools to improve the financial system. Our innovative products will enable people to access credit and make better plans for their financial futures. We take our responsibility seriously, as millions of people depend on us to get it right. Therefore, we are constantly striving to develop more effective tools to connect people’s financial goals with the most reliable predictive models.

  • Developing a plan to create data pipelines for X AI projects; constructing components of the pipelines; and testing them to ensure they are operational and effective.

  • Constructing data systems and frameworks that will optimize the performance of X Artificial Intelligence projects.

  • Working together with research, engineering, and business teams to create and fulfill their data requirements.

Job Requirements:

  • Possessing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a comparable field is desired. In addition, having a master’s or PhD in a Data Systems discipline is a plus.

  • Having had three or more years of software development experience in an environment that requires high accountability and minimal oversight.

  • Experience in acquiring, storing, modelling, and processing data requirements for ML systems, as well as deploying them in production systems.

  • A thorough knowledge of query optimization and the most up-to-date data stack technologies such as Flink, dbt, spark, SQL engines, Parquet/Arrow, etc. is required.

  • Extensive expertise crafting efficient code in Python 3.x to create modular, robust, and scalable software.

  • Strong communication skills and a collaborative attitude.